Notes: this was written for a challenge, which is why it's so short: Describe a kiss in 200 words or less. It'll (probably) end up incorporated into the sequel to "The Achieve of the Thing".

Face held Murdock, the lanky man half-burrowed under his jacket, sleeping finally. His ribs hurt, but well within his tolerance, and he only noticed when Murdock's restless grip brushed against a new bruise.

BA came in, looming over the two officers on the floor. After a moment he asked, "That fool okay?"

Face nodded.

"He ain't right, you know," BA said gently.

"I know. But there's nothing to do here."

BA nodded once, and then asked, "You eaten?"

Face shook his head.

"And crazy man got you tied. I'll go to the EM Mess, fetch you somethin'."

"BA, I've got some cash in my jacket—why don't you just get some dim sum or something outside?"

The sergeant snorted. "Cain't live on that garbage. I'll bring you some real food." He paused. "For a ninety-day wonder you ain't a bad officer."

"Thanks," Face said, surprised.

"You both good men," BA added, "but you shapin' into a good officer."

When he came back he brought fried chicken and beer. He knelt, putting it in Face's reach, and stayed down a minute, looking at Murdock. Then he leaned over and kissed the sleeping man gently on the temple, rose unselfconsciously, and left them alone.

The End


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