Real Ghostbusters Fiction

Trap Out! The Real Ghostbusters was a cartoon series based on the movie. A few changes were made -- Egon's blond. Ray's a redhead. Peter's gorgeous -- but basically, the story's the same.
Obviously, I don't own the boys (and girl). Columbia does, I believe. No copyright infringement is intended; this is for entertainment's sake.
My fiction's slash (loving homosexual relationships). Please just don't read it if that offends you, or if you're not old enough wherever it is you live.

Sometimes, knowing too much can spoil the story, but I realize that many people want to know the pairings and such. So, if you want detailed warnings, spoilers, pairings, etc, the Fic Warnings Page has it all.

Dr. Egon Spengler
Dr. Peter Venkman
Ms Janine Melnitz
Dr. Raymond Stantz
Mr. Winston Zeddemore



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