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The Original Team
Billy Cranston
My Power Rangers fan fiction is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers stuff. I lost interest in a blinding hurry once David Yost left the show... what can I say? And I'd had a hard time with some of the charact... no, let me rephrase that. I had a hard time with what the writers were doing with some of the characters long before that.
So, although, of course, Saban owns them, and I don't, I've made changes to canon in many of my stories. What will be noted on each story. No copyright infringement intended; this is purely for entertainment's sake.
Generic Warnings: AU (see above). Angst. H/C. Occasional het and/or slash sex, but nothing really graphic. PG13 or R (see listings).
Jason Scott
Billy and Jason
Billy and Jason
Jason, Billy, and
Billy, Jason, and Alpha
Kim Hart
the team
the team in danger
Ninjetti Billy and Kim
Billy and Kim as Ninjetti
original team hanging out
hanging out at school
Tommy Oliver

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