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Face and Murdock: The A Team The original fiction here is mine. The fan fiction, obviously, is only partly mine. Various others (noted on the shows' pages) own the copyrights on the shows and characters. No copyright violation is intended here: these stories were written for entertainment, and certain sure no money is being made! I write because these shows have become part of culture as surely as Robin Hood or the Fair Folk, and because I love them and want to know the answer to the world's oldest question: And then what happened?

Note: most of my fiction (virtually all the fan fiction) contains slash—loving homosexual relationships—mostly because there was such chemistry there, and because the shows so often had no women characters of any depth. However, het[erosexual] relationships are also featured -- and sometimes the slash is between women. Some of the stories are graphic. So:

If you're underage where you live, or if love between people of the same gender offends you,
Don't Read These.
You can find something you'll like at the
Fan Fiction Directory.

Note on Ratings: stories rated bare R or NC17 have sex, graphic for NC17. Other things (such as violence) are noted, if present, on the index pages.

I don't call it "utterly different" for nothing... I've been accused of (sometimes) putting the "wrong" people together and "making us love it". Sometimes, knowing too much can spoil the story, but I realize that many people want to know the pairings and such. So, if you want detailed warnings, spoilers, pairings, etc,

the Fic Warnings Page has it all.
Starbuck and Apollo: Battlestar Galactica
Curry and Heyes: Alias Smith and Jones Wedge Antilles: Star Wars
Alan and Billy: Jurassic Park Paul Morrow: Space 1999
Jason, Billy, and Alpha: Power Rangers Ghostbusters!

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