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Moonbase Alpha Space 1999 is a classic British science fiction series from the mid-70s. In my opinion, the first season was tremendous: intense, sober, gripping.
It kind of got spoiled by success, went Hollyweird downhill after that. Hence, here you won't find Maya. Or Verdeschi. Or any of the rest of it...
(In other words, I'm a Year One Fan!)

On Sep 13, 1999, the moon was blasted out of Earth orbit by an explosion in a nuclear waste storage area, carrying with it Moonbase Alpha and 316 very reluctant travellers. One of the main differences between this and American SF on television: these people weren't boldly going anywhere (even if lost). They were coerced and helpless, with no control over their journey and no idea, no hope even, of their destination. They weren't spacefarers, they were people who lived and worked in a place that, quite suddenly, betrayed them... They weren't trained for it, and they often reacted badly. It was great...

Obviously, I don't own them. Gerry & Sylvia Anderson (along with Carlton International) do. No copyright infringement is intended; this is for entertainment.

My fiction's slash (loving homosexual relationships). Please just don't read it if that offends you, or if you're not old enough wherever it is you live.
an Eagle
mission Main Mission
Controller Paul Morrow
koenig carter bergman russell
John Koenig
Astronaut (Cpt)
Alan Carter
Victor Bergman
Helena Russell
kano carter bergman russell
Sr. Computer Tech
David Kano
Data Analyst
Sandra Benes
Paul Morrow
Alan Carter

Sometimes, knowing too much can spoil the story, but I realize that many people want to know the pairings and such. So, if you want detailed warnings, spoilers, pairings, etc, the Fic Warnings Page has it all.

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