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Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last Battlestar, Galactica, leads a ragtag, fugitive fleet on a lonely quest — for a shining planet known as Earth.
Jolly Boomer Sheba Adama Athena Apollo Cassie Starbuck
generic warnings: drinking, smoking, military violence, sex...
Universal Studios and/or Glen Larson owns them; I don't. No copyright infringement intended; this is purely for entertainment.
My fiction is often slash (loving homosexual relationships). Please just don't read it if that offends you, or if you're not old enough where you live.
As far as I'm concerned Galactica 1980 never happened. It wasn't even a bad dream. It just never happened at all... (and let's not even think about the new thing)

Generic Warnings: Angst. H/C. Drinking and smoking and occasional violence (hey, they're at war!) Sex (slash and het), but not usually graphic. NC17 at most and that not often

Look here for Colonial Terminology
Look here for some more pictures
(including battlestars, Zac, Bojay, Boomer, Deitra, Giles, Tigh, the bridge, Cylons, and [of course] Starbuck).
damned good at his job...
hey, she wrote one about me!
starbuck in dress 
uniform—apollo NOT
Apollo and Starbuck
tell me another one, dad
Boxey and Apollo
gentlemen, I don't like what I'm hearing
Adama Starbuck Apollo & Tigh
you got *one* Cylon tanker? wow!
you know, we should both give up on him
Cassie and Athena

Caveat lectoron: This show made up more terminology than anything I can think of. Not merely time and other measurements, but all sorts of words and phrases. The writers also apparently didn't have (or didn't refer to it if they had it) a "bible", so inconsistencies are rife. But I feel compelled to use them because, well, I am writing "Battlestar Galactica" fanfiction, not "Cute Guys in Space". If you're not familiar with the terms, or if you want a refresher, or you'd like to see how I define things like "sectare", or you run across something I made up by analogy with canon, don't despair. Just look here: Colonial Terminology

I don't call it "utterly different" for nothing... I've been accused of putting the "wrong" people together and "making us love it". Sometimes, knowing too much can spoil the story, but I realize that many people want to know the pairings and such. So, if you want detailed warnings, spoilers, pairings, etc, the Fic Warnings Page has it all

And look here for the cast list and pictures of everyone (pretty much) featured in the fics, with who they are spelled out for you.

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