Jurassic Park (3)
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"Jurassic Park" -- a dream turned nightmare. And a recurring one for Dr. Alan Grant, paleontologist. InGen built dinosaurs. The dinosaurs got loose. And ate people. Not Alan, but not for lack of trying. He got away, and "no power on earth could get me onto that island."

Except parental love, lies, and lack of money. Love: Paul and Amanda Kirby, whose son Eric had gone missing. Lies: Kirby Enterprises, Costa Rican cooperation, flyover for the honeymoon. Lack of money: the usual thing for Dr. Grant's digs, now that "real" dinosaurs are only a short wait away...

"Great. We're in the worst place in the world, and we're not even getting paid."

And it's gonna get worse....

My fiction's slash (loving homosexual relationships). If that bothers you, or you're not old enough where you live, please just don't read it. (And just try to watch the movie and not see it, I dare you!)

* this lovely composite pic (from I and III) was sent me by someone who found it somewhere but didn't remember where. I don't know whose it is. If it's yours, or you do, please let me know so I can credit you!

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