The Morgans

This is a collection of short stories about a family called the Morgans, living in a country called Novamer, part of The Dual Kingdom, in a world called Dhassa. The Morgans are a family of minor nobility, Landholder-Knights, who own a property called Fal Morgan, which is situated near the secondary capitol city of Summer. The Dual Kingdom is Karelhem-Novamer; the Karelhi conquered Novamer many centuries ago. A handful of Novari aristocrats went over to the Karelhi side, most notably the Dukes of Devon, now called the Hertzogs Devonane; "true" Novari despise these Collaborationist Novari. The Morgans are distantly related to the now-extinct royal line of Novamer, a touchy situation. The other ethnic group in the Dual Kingdom are the Tollerans, who live on the far western border, in the mountains between Novamer (which is west of Karelhem) and Darien, an ancient enemy...

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