Kiss The Girl

Notes: this was written for a challenge, which is why it's so short: Describe a kiss in 200 words or less. It ended a bit abruptly, so this version runs a leetle bit long. This follows "I'll Be Home For Christmas".

"Kiss the girl, get the key: they never taught me that in the Obsidian Order."

Murdock laughed. "That Garak cracks me up." He turned to his companion and saw only empty space. "Face? Hey, Face, where’d you go?"

No answer. Murdock got up, turned off the DS9 rerun, and went looking. Face was out on the balcony, staring into the late night. Murdock stood in the doorway for a moment, wondering what was wrong, and then shrugged. When his lover was inscrutable, there was only one thing to do. "Hey, Face," he walked out to stand beside him. "What’s up?"

Face ducked that dark tawny head, avoiding Murdock’s eyes. "How can you stand to be with me?"

Murdock blinked. "That came outta left field in like Milwaukee, muchacho. What on earth are you talking about?"

"Kiss the girl, get the key. Or the bank account number. Or the truck. Or the schedules. Or…" Face’s voice was bitter.

Murdock didn't waste time with how long ago that was. Things from much longer ago would resonate for ever. Inside them both. He pulled the other man around and looked into those blue eyes. "Face, stop it. We all did what we had to, what we were good at, to survive. It doesn’t mean anything."


"No. This means something. All you get for this is me." He kissed him firmly and passionately, and Face clung to him, returning the kiss with equal fervor and something like desperation.

"See?" Murdock said finally. "This is all that matters..."

"And you're the only thing I ever really wanted to get," Face said softly into Murdock's throat.

"You got me, muchacho," Murdock said. "Just one thing..."


He pulled away and looked into his lover's eyes. "Don't be kissing no girls no more," he said.

And was rewarded by Face's silver laugh.

The End


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