Teasing Mother Nature

Notes: this was written for a challenge, which is why it's so short: Describe a kiss in 200 words or less.

Murdock sprawled on the seat and watched Face manhandle the sail. His legs were bare. The wind and the sun were all over him, caressing his skin, pulling at his shirt, making love to him. All his attention was on focussed on the boat... Murdock felt jealous of all three.


No answer.



"Let go of that."

"Why?" Face still only half attending.

"Just let go."

"Why?" Face repeated, letting go as he did. Then he yelped as Murdock swept his feet from under him and he fell.

Right into Murdock's arms.

"Hey," Face began, but the rest of the sentence was lost as Murdock kissed him.

Face wasted half a minute trying to get free and then—without noticeable reluctance—gave in to the moment. He wriggled to a more comfortable position on top of Murdock, closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and sent Murdock right to the edge of insanity all over again. Murdock moaned softly in pleasure as Face devoted his entire being to this one perfect kiss...

And then the wind kicked up, the sun disappeared, and the boat heeled over, hard.

"Jealous!" yelled Murdock, and then collapsed, laughing, at Face's expression.

The End


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